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Diego Rivera is considered the father of Mexican mural art and the father of modern political art in Mexico. Diego reinterpreted Mexican history from a revolutionary and nationalistic point of view. Not only did Diego expressed powerful ideas in his murals, but he also applied the tools he learned with modernist techniques. More than any other artist, Diego Rivera provided models for incorporating cultural past and ethnic identity into an alternative modernist vision, one that provided for a responsible fusion of the social and the aesthetic. Diego was an important personality in the art world of the 20th century and his thoughts were well respected in the art community. He was an innovator in expressing his ideals unifying art and politics. Diego Marà ­a de la Rivera y Barrientos and his twin brother Carlos were born on December 13, 1886 in Leon, Guanajuato. Carlos died in 1888, which left Diego as an only child. Since he was very young (he begins to draw at the age of three), he loved to paint, so much that his father covered a room of their house in Guanajuato with paper so that the child could paint all over the walls. Diego says that it was in that room where he created his first murals. In 1896, while he was still in high-school, he entered the Academy of San Carlos. He was so obviously talented that in 1906, after his first show, he was granted a four year scholarship from the governor of Veracruz, Teodoro Dahesa, to continue his studies in Europe. In 1907 he goes to Spain, where he promptly becomes part of the intellectual circles. After studying there for two years he moves to Paris and starts living with Angelina Beloff. Angelina Belloff was a Russian à ©migrà © artist. Diego met her in Spain among the artistic circles. Diego and Angelina had a son but due to an flu epidemic the child died in the fall of 1918. Diego had many lovers, among them was Marvena, another Russian woman. Diego and Marvena had a child named Marika right after the death of Angelina's baby. Diego precisely describes his relationship with Angelina when he says "She gave me everything a woman can give to a man. In return, she received from me all the heartache and misery that a man can inflict upon a woman" In June of 1921 Rivera left Belloff in Paris and goes to Mexico, saying that once he is established he will send for Angelina. He never doe... ... communist ideas through his paintings and in some way, this made him a symbol for communism. For this reason all his actions would be closely watched by the party. The communist party was very anti-government and Diego's commissions were mostly government-funded, which made him a doubtful communist. In September of 1926 he was expelled from the Mexican communist party for having accepted to be the director of the San Carlos Academy of Art. (He was granted this job by the government). Even though he tried many times, he was never accepted back into the party. Frida dies on July 13 of 1954. This marks the start of Diego's own death. In 1955 he is diagnosed with cancer but he keeps working on his murals. On July 29th, almost a year after Frida's death he marries Emma Hurtado, his agent since 1946. He is hospitalized in Russia and recovers completely from cancer. However, in September of the same year he suffers a blood clot and phlebitis, which paralyzes his right arm. He keeps working in some paintings and in decorating the house of his friend Dolores Olmedo. On November 24th of 1957 Diego Rivera dies of heart failure in his San Angel studio and wills his art to the Mexican Nation.

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How Does Jimmy Change During Fat Boy Swim Essay

Fat boy swim is about a boy who’s life has changed dramatically, from traumas and triumphs. Jimmy used to get bullied, he would cower in the corner and not be able to face the harsh critics. But when he started swimming he discovered a passion with connections to school, family life, appearance and most of all his dreams†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. When Jimmy has a crush, his confidence is boosted and he feels like superman! ‘Up,up and awayyy! ‘ The writer has written the feeling of a superman in an indirect way so we can interpret how much we think Jimmy has changed, depending on our personality. This is a good way with connecting to the auidience. To me this tells me that weightlessness of being ‘superman’ gives him so much confidence to stand up to bullies, and is loseing weight; so it makes him light and ‘free’. Jimmys weight has changed during fat boy swim, he used to fat and obese- â€Å"he only shuffled half a dozen steps† he could barely move as his rolls of fat just got in the way and his wheezyness slowed him down. This makes me feel quite sympathetic for him as he can help his weight but cant be bothered to change. This may be because he feels like there is nothing worth living for, as he hasn’t got a friend- or started swimming. At the end of this book he begins to lose weight and gain confidence. This is shown in chapter 27 as it says ‘He swung through the changing room doors like a gladiator’ The word swung suggests he was ‘bouncing’ through the door which potrays he was very happy. ‘like a gladiator’ also shows he was happy and brave- or confident because gladiators are known to be brave and confident. As gladiators fight a vicious battle and it’s quite an acheivement defeating your opponent, it tells us that Jimmy has achived something really great and he is proud. Jimmys personality has changed a lot during fat boy swim. He used to be very quiet and timid. ‘ he didn’t allow himself to dwell on reasons why things happened’. This shows Jimmy’s laziness and if it was a 1 time thing he would probobally act but as he didn’t it suggests something lke this has happened before. This makes Jimmy feel fed up because if I was him I would wonder why they were doing this to me. At the end of the book he gains confidence which is shown in ‘Jimmy could feel Victor’s Adam’s apple quiver under the preasure of his fingers. ‘ This cleary shows loudness as I don’t think someone quiet would be so defensive. The word quiver says that not just the readers but other characters in the book realise Jimmy’s personality change. This shows Jimmy is being quite mean, but I think it is justified as It tells Victor to back off, and to stop bullying Jimmy because they cant get away with it anymore. This makes me feel quite proud of Jimmy as before he used to put up with it and now he realises it isn’t right. This might make the reader think of their own actions as if they’re experiencing bullying they might take inspiration from Jimmy even if it isn’t the way Jimmy deals with bullies. At home Jimmy is very confused and overwhelmed, not helped by his Aunt , Aunt pol said â€Å"Binging because he is so flipping miserable. The word ‘flipping’ suggests that she is very angry at the fact that Mum is letting Jimmy do that, Aunt pol recognises he is miserable and readers may think that there is more going on between Mum and Aunt Pol†¦.. At the end of this book it becomes clear what is going on and Jimmy becomes louder and more bold. ‘Mums not my Mum’ This is a very short sentence to show how shocking it is and maybe shows how bluntly Jimmy was told. Using the word mum twice makes the reader reflect on how Jimmy was feeling and how lost Jimmy must of felt. It makes me feel a bit happy for him because even though at the moment he feels lost things in the future may become clearer. For example may be able to connect with his family more. I think Jimmy feels quite low, and it’s annoying that his family or school isn’t helping even though it is quite obvious how he’s feeling. For example he stays in his room alot of the time and eats junk food. In chapter 9 where it goes in to great detail about Jimmys binge eating. This chapter is important to the book because it tells us what Jimmy is feeling and what his family is feeling, which helps us to infer and deduce from the next chapters. At the end of the book things become more clear as Jimmy finds out who his real Mum and Dad is. ‘She was holding out a small green notebook. ‘This is very intriging and begins to unravell the true story of this book. I think the notebook is her diary so it tells some secrets, hence the name secrets. This sentece is very short which suggests there is a big secret. It is also at the end of the chapter so it gives the reader an oppotunity to reflect and think about what is going to happen next†¦ If I was Jimmy I would feel worried because the 3 people he thought he knew most well were keeping a big secret from him. I would also feel confused because my aunty had just handed me a small green book without saying anything. In Jimmys swimming pool dream at the beginning it is unknown what this dream could mean. When I first read this chapter instantly thought the shadows at the end of the pool was himself once he knew who he actually was. Once I had had read most of the book I realised the shadowsat the end of the pool wasn’t the person he was going to be but his family and who they were going to be. The swimming part of the dream and not being able to reach the end symbolises to me the journey Jimmy has to go through to find out more about his family. When he is swimming in the dream he comes accross many hurdles this symbolises the hurdles in his life eg. the bullying. This book has a very clever structure as the chapters are split up into groups, like a meal, nibbles, starters, main courses, desserts and bitter sweets. This is clever because Jimmy loves to cook and it connecting more to the main character. The section nibbles tells us that the 2 chapters there are going to give us tiny clues to help us in the rest of the book. As there is only 2 chapters in this section we can infer nothing major is going to happen. The next section is called starters which says to us that its going to start saying a bit more about jimmy. There is 9 chapters in this section which tells us that there is more to Jimmys life then expected†¦. Main courses tells us that the main event which this book is based around is going to happen. As a main course in a meal the most important it tells we need to pay close attention to what is happening. The next group is deserts. As desserts are sweet and sweet is seen as good, it tells us that something good is going to happen and this may be the happiest experienceshe has. I think bitter sweets is the most important section because it tells us something bad may happen but something good will come out of it in the end. I enjoyed reading that section the best because you can compare how Jimmy has changed during the book. The last chapter ‘not the last chapter’ tell us that this may be the last chapter for us but there is loads more adventures and experiences Jimmy will have in the future. I have enjoyed this book alot because it tells you how people change very quicly and makes you aware of how differnt people are. It also explores all the key aspects of Jimmys life, apperarance, personality, family and school. I think I have learnt good inference skills from reading this as to understand the book you need to ‘read between the lines’ .

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Social Media And Digital Imagery - 916 Words

Almost every firefighter carries a mobile phone and almost every mobile phone has a camera and access to the internet, it has become common place to take pictures and post them on the internet. Having this ability to post on the internet, usually on a social media website such as Facebook or Twitter has caught many fire departments off guard, and now they are scrambling to catch up and develop policies and procedures regulating their employee’s use of this technology. First Amendment rights prohibit the making of any law abridging the freedom of speech, unfortunately, it is all too common to read about a firefighter or ambulance crew member under investigation for a controversial Facebook post. Social media and digital imagery cases pose a serious risk to the reputation of emergency service organizations, not to mention the livelihood of the personnel involved. Cases such as these can create the potential for civil liability and in some cases criminal liability. When a pie ce of information, picture or video is uploaded to the internet, that information has the potential to be spread around the world within minutes. Social media and digital imagery reveal one challenge facing administrators: creating policies and procedures to protect the agency without violating the employees First Amendment rights. Employers support digital imagery (DI) and social media (SM) policies because they have legal and moral obligations to protect their organization from the sharing ofShow MoreRelatedThe Digital Era And Emergence Of Mobile Apps1626 Words   |  7 PagesDigital magazines have increasingly captured the attention of the media industry due to their ability to attract readers through interactive content, without involving high costs in production and distribution as traditional magazines. In todays world, a consumer wants everything to be readily available and user friendly. In order to keep up with technology, most magazine publishers have adapted the digitalization of magazines into creating applications for arguably, devices that no reader can liveRead MoreHow To Write A Personal Purpose Essay1412 Words   |  6 PagesGreetings. I am a Web Developer + Digital Marketing Specialist located in Los Angeles, California. With a track record of on-time and on-budget projects, I partner with startups, individuals, organizations and Fortune 500 companies. With my extensive experience, I build digital products and optimize brands/businesses with strategic online marketing. I am seeking a position that utilizes my abundant skill set while providing myself with an opportunity to expand and grow with a reliable and reputableRead MoreEssay on art1081 Words   |  5 Pages1960s and 70s to challenge and displace modernism in painting, sculpture, and other media. Improvisational and Dada-like styles employed in the early 1960s and thereafter by Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns had widespread influence, as did the styles of many other artists. The most significant of the often loosely defined movements of early contemporary art included pop art, characterized by commonplace imagery placed in new aesthetic contexts, as i n the work of such figures as Andy Warhol andRead MoreThe s Impact On Canadian Constructions Of Heritage And Islam1355 Words   |  6 PagesISIL’s videos seek to defy Western European ideas about cultural heritage which are often cast as universal (Meskell 2002, 568) and engage a worldwide audience through carefully articulated performances. However, the many Canadian journalists using digital media to protest the destruction and reassert their own humanitarian, cosmopolitan, and civilized heritage values clearly mark the success of this strategy (Manley 2016). In fact, a trend emerged where popular news stories claim that ISIL is destroyingRead MoreThe Impact Of Visual Literacy On Today s Technology913 Words   |  4 Pagestaken illustrations or images and frame them into a characteristic of critical thinking with the use of your cognitive senses. He then combines them with your use of the cortex and you find that you can enter into a world we now know today as the digita l technology era. Although, according to Ryan (2012), he views visual literacy as â€Å"the competent creation and consumption of visual messages.† Ryan (2012, sec. 1.3), explains literacy as not only the physical ability of sight but also cognitive abilitiesRead MoreThe New Age Of Digital Marketing1606 Words   |  7 PagesCompanies would ask its local population what they could do better. As Marketing caught up with the age of the Internet. It created something now known as Digital Marketing. Without this new age of digital marketing, everyone worldwide would not know what most businesses had to offer to so many. Now every business has some ties to that ever spanning digital market as new countries are coming to live with the availability. Advanced Research Projects Agency originally founded the origin of the Internet â€Å"web†Read MoreContagious : Why Things Catch On By Jonah Berger979 Words   |  4 Pagesmultiple restaurant awards. Barclay Prime definitely caught on, but the one-hundred dollar Philly Cheesesteak, at its core, is just a sandwich. It is ridiculous and a great introduction to the social contagion. The story itself is a reflection of Jonah Berger’s six principles of contagiousness: STEPPS. Social Currency, Triggers, Emotions, Public, Practical Value, and Stories. STEPPS causes ideas to be talked about, shared, and imitated. From what Berger gathered, people do not just share valuableRead MoreCritical Analysis Of Fahrenheit 4511266 Words   |  6 PagesBradbury incorporated: a censorship aspect intended for the book, social commentary, and the social critical analysis which relates to conflicts in our world today. To continue, censorship can be considered a â€Å"threat† to society, for example, Bradbury uses the concept of the overuse of media and how it can affect the world and the people around you. Furthermore, Bradbury’s key focus was to satirize the excessive use of television and the media as a news and entertainment source in the 1940s and 1950s. HoweverRead MoreNike : A New Year1688 Words   |  7 Pagesbecome a lifestyle to millions of people at a global level. With an ever changing world, Nike has overcome hikes in technology, digital outlets, consumer behavior, market demographics and last but not least, social media. A company that is constantly changing their mold and core strategies for their changing consumers naturally would prosper in the new age of social media that has taken over the world, but Nike is untouchable. The core of Nike’s heart is that everyone is an athlete – whether you’reRead MoreHow Culture Can Define The Way We Live Our Lives?976 Words   |  4 PagesCulture can refer to the characteristics and social behaviour of individuals in a group or society. It can define the way we live our lives and influence who we are: â€Å"it includes customs, attitudes, beliefs, traditions and rituals of a society. However, we should not assume all cultures are the same† (Kidd and Teagle, 2012, p.6). it has been suggested that our culture can resemble who we are and play a fundamental role in shaping us. Highlighting that one culture can differ to another individual

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The On Fossil Fuels And The Amish - 1594 Words

As we continue to consume fossil fuels on a scale never seen in human history, we are faced with the nagging but not imminent question: what is going to happen when we run out? It’s the same question any addict asks themselves, and the way they respond can affect the rest of their life. It is impossible to forget 2008: gasoline rose to nearly $4 a gallon, the stock market plummeted, millions lost their jobs, and Americans and foreigners alike responded in a way that only the fear of spending more money can motivate. Why are we as a global society so hooked on fossil fuels? Put simply, we can’t live without it. Few people-- outside of aspiring reality TV stars and the Amish-- would be willing to give up their precious electronics and†¦show more content†¦Mansueto Ventures, LLC, 13 Nov. 2014. Web. 04 June 2015.)-- we would not only outgrow the earth’s resource limits, but we would need 5.4 earths to sustain humanity. Without access to fuel, industry is hindered. The time it takes to travel from point a to point b increases tremendously if there is a limit to the amount of fuel that one has access to. In the 1970’s during an â€Å"oil crisis†, gas stations limited customers to 10 gallons each. The need to stop at more gas stations more often will increase shipping time, decrease productivity, and hinder new nations in their development and entrance into the postmodern marketplace. The origin of the energy crisis stems from the days of the industrial revolution. Coal and Oil were more efficient than wood, and seemingly abundant across the globe. At one point, the ash from factories in Great Britain was so profuse that it turned the bark of trees a different color and caused the species of peppered moth to alter their coloration in fast-paced phenotypic evolution. Expand the scenario where human energy consumption and the subsequent alteration of climate exceeds the rate at which animals and biomes can adapt is a terrifying and very real one. A growing disparity between rich nations and poorer developing countries due to the rate at which technology is being adopted and economic maneuvering power No matter how hard we try, the effects of pollution are everywhere. From major catastrophes like theShow MoreRelatedEssay on Environmental Ethics2347 Words   |  10 Pagesstarted in the industrial revolution and the discovery of oil The need to improve the quality of life resulted in the construction of factories to mass produce products for consumers. These factories were powered by fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. The combustion of these fossil fuels emitted great quantities of pollutants that remain in the Earths atmosphere to this day and is the number one cause of global warming. However, in ethics one cannot evaluate just one thing. In ethics, as in natureRead MoreEssay on Persuasion Speech / Eating Local Ann Arbor1140 Words   |  5 Pagescancer and other health problems in lab animals. People have been eating food produced this way since the early 1990’s, most folks don’t even know this exists. What might it do to us? a. Conventional farmers use chemical fertilizers made from fossil fuels that they mix with the dirt to make plants grow. They do this because they have stripped the soil from all its natural nutrients from growing the same crop over and over again. b. Next the more harmful chemicals, Pesticides and herbicidesRead MoreAlternating Current and Electricity1862 Words   |  8 Pageselectrical generation. The majority of domestic electricity generation has been from burning fossil fuels Ââ€" coal and oil Ââ€" to produce steam, which spins turbines connected to generators. The primary problem with this method of producing electricity is that it relies on non-renewable energy sources; when fossil fuels become scarce, we will face an energy crisis (Steyn, 2006). Additionally, the waste products from fossil fuel plants have been proven to be very harmful to the environment. Since the 1960s, there

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Opposing The Legalization of Marijuana Essay - 733 Words

â€Å"If marijuana was legal, back-yard marijuana gardens would be in every neighborhood, thus kids would be able to get it as easy as taking fruit off a neighbor’s tree† (Johnathan Greens). According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 62.2 percent of the 14.2 billion people who used marijuana for the first time in one day were under the age of 18 years back in 2003. This increases by nearly 1.3 percent every year. This has become a problem due to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the active ingredient in marijuana that can become dangerous if one should take advantage of its use by either smoking it or abusing it in its capsule/tablet form (Barr). Marijuana has been legalized for medical purposes for over 10 states in the United†¦show more content†¦With todays technology, alcohol Breathalyzer tests are given within seconds of pulling someone over and the results are almost immediate. As for a marijuana text that would have to be developed, the resu lts will not be as immediate because drug tests for marijuana that are given today take up to weeks to receive back in order for the suspect to be positive or negative. These procedures that the government would like to take control of would be nearly impossible. If marijuana were to be legalized, there would be no way to control its developed public smoking habits because anyone who is around marijuana smoke has a great chance of having a contact buzz whether you want one or not. The public indecency of getting a contact buzz from others smoke would lead to many unnecessary lawsuits. Many of us do not want to have to worry about getting high when walking into a store. Parents and legal guardians of children that are not old enough to make decisions themselves will be pressured even more than they are in school today because their parents may be smoking around them in and outside of their homes. A way that America is currently trying consider making it legal is for medicinal purposes only. States such as Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington allow medical cannabis legal. The active ingredients that are legit andShow MoreRelatedWhy Not Legalize Marijuana? Essay1173 Words   |  5 PagesMarijuana should be legalized for both recreational and medicinal use because the US economy can reap significant benefits from legalization as well as create an influx of jobs and also to reduce street and gang disputes relating to marijuana. Also, marijuana should be legalized because it has been dealt an unfair hand by society and is justifiably safer than most know it to be. First, marijuana should be legalized in the US for both recreational and medicinal purposes because there is a very substantialRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized For The Best Of Society?1742 Words   |  7 PagesMarijua na is one of the most controversial discussions to consider in various countries due to the numerous debates between citizens to legalize or criminalize the drug for the best of society. In countries such as Colombia, Netherlands, and various states in United States (Colorado, Washington, and Oregon), marijuana is legalized for recreational and medical purposes, which is obtainable to all citizens. However, in countries such as Canada, marijuana remains illegal for recreational use, whichRead MoreMarijuana V. Alcohol Essay770 Words   |  4 PagesMarijuana v. Alcohol Grass. Ganja. Kush. Weed. Pot. Mary Jane. Marijuana. Marijuana is an illegal substance in America, used by people to get â€Å"high.† It has become a recent debate over whether it is right to legalize marijuana or to keep it as an illegal substance. Many people believe that marijuana is a dangerous substance that should never be legalized in America. These people focus on marijuana which is harmless in comparison to alcohol, which is a legal and widely used substance in AmericaRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1456 Words   |  6 Pagesuse of marijuana is illegal in over half of the United States, but it is still the third most popular recreational drug in the United States. The debate for this drug to be legal has been going on for many years; some states have legalized the drug for medical use, and some for recreational use as well. Other states seem to disagree; they are not in favor of making the drug legal for medical use or recreational use. It has been proven tha t marijuana has a positive impact on society. Marijuana shouldRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legal?1384 Words   |  6 Pages When hearing the word marijuana, we instantly think a â€Å"dangerous drug,† because that is what we are taught growing up. That there are different types of drugs that are dangerous for us and will only harm our health and our future. Growing up with this information as children, we do not really have other reasoning so we just take in the information and accept it. This information which was given to us at a young age is only questioned after we start to age. If research is actually done in order toRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1149 Words   |  5 Pages1410 23 March 2015 Legalizing cannabis Marijuana or cannabis is a preparation of the cannabis plant intended for use as a hallucinatory drug and a medicine as well. The principal hallucinatory constituent of marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Twenty three states and the District of Columbia has legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes in the United States. Legalizing marijuana has many benefits to it. Not only has marijuana been proven to counter act some symptoms of cancerRead MoreMedicine, Revenue and a Good Time Essays846 Words   |  4 Pagesimagine things you have never imagined before. This great substance is none other than, Marijuana. Before we go more in depth on the great benefits of this substance, let’s look at why it is illegal in the first place. Under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 marijuana was placed as a schedule I drug. This means it was highly addictive and has no medical use, both of which are false. Another reason why marijuana is illegal is because it has historically been associated with the â€Å"bad crowd†. By thisRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1617 Words   |  7 Pages1113 2 December 2014 Legalization of marijuana According to Wikipedia, marijuana is a name for cannabis plant and a drug preparation made from it. Commonly it is named as cannabis, bud or weed, pot or ganja. I have found marijuana to be one of the most controversial things in United States. Not necessarily is marijuana controversial, the views related with the legalization of this thing are truly dubious. It is true that different persons haveRead MoreLegalization Of Legalization For Recreational Marijuana1204 Words   |  5 Pagescalled Maryjane, Pot, Reefer, Ganga, Green and many other names, but this little plant seems to be causing a big controversy in recent decades. Can Marijuana really help us or is it a problem in the making? This question may seem simple, but in reality, it is more complex of an issue than we think. The opposing sides of legalization for recreational marijuana are so varied with many points of view to consider. Only a few of those views will be addressed in this article with simplified information to speakRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1496 Words   |  6 PagesMoliann Gross Research Paper February 15, 2017 Issues in Society: Recreational Marijuana in The United States Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in the United states, after alcohol and tobacco. It is currently considered a federally prohibited substance, but this has not halted the legalization of recreational marijuana on a statewide level. While marijuana is slowly becoming more recognized for it s medicinal purposes it is also becoming more integrated into regular society and

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Economical Terms - Average Revenue

Question: Discuss about the Economical Terms, Average Revenue. Answer: Introduction: Total revenue means the sum total of all the revenues earned and generated by the firm. In mathematical terms, total revenue means the revenue or the price per unit multiplied by the number of units of the product sold. The more the number of units sold, the greater is the revenue generated by the firm. Average revenue is the average revenue generated by the product, having a pre-determined selling price. In economical terms, Average revenue is calculated by dividing the total revenue by the number of units sold. Marginal revenue refers to the change in the total revenue of a firm with a change in the unit increase or decrease in the sale of the product. Hence, marginal revenue is computed by the per unit difference in the total revenue of the firm, with a unit increase in the number of units sold. Price Quantity demanded Average revenue Total revenue Marginal revenue $30 0 $0 $0 30 1 $30 $30 $30 30 2 $30 $60 $30 30 3 $30 $90 $30 Fixed costs are the costs which a firm incurs irrespective of the production carried out by the firm. This implies that the fixed cost occur even if the firm does not generate any revenues or does not carry out any such activities. Fixed cost is a certain fixed amount and it continues to incur at the same amount, irrespective of the quantum of production or sales by the firm. Variable costs refer to the costs which tend to occur per unit of the level of production. It varies with the quantum of production and are avoidable in nature, i.e., if the firm does not produce any product, it does not have to incur the variable costs. Total variable costs are computed by multiplying the variable cost per unit and the number of products produced. Total costs can be computed as the aggregate of the fixed costs and the variable costs. Average fixed costs can be computed by dividing the total fixed costs incurred by the firm during the period divided by the number of units produced by the firm. Average variable costs can be computed by dividing the total variable costs incurred by the firm during the period divided by the number of units produced by the firm. Average variable costs tend to decrease with the increase in production and it remains stable after a particular level of production. This stability implies the most efficient utilization of the resources. Average total costs refer to the total costs per unit of the product. It can be mathematically calculated by dividing the total costs by the number of products manufactured by the firm. Marginal cost refers to the change in the total cost of a firm with a change in the unit increase or decrease in the production or manufacture of the product. Hence, marginal cost is computed by the per unit difference in the total cost of the firm, with a unit increase in the number of units produced. Total product total fixed cost Total variable cost Total cost Average fixed cost Average variable cost Average total cost Marginal cost 0 $100 $ 0 $100 1 100 100 $200 $100 $100 $200 $200 2 100 180 $280 $50 $90 $190 $80 3 100 240 $340 $33.33 $80 $113.33 $60 4 100 320 $420 $25 $80 $105 $80 List of References: Salvatore, D. (2008). Microeconomics- Theory and applications (Fifth ed.) T.S. Ragan, C. (2013). Microeconomics (Fourteenth ed.). Canada: Pearson Education.

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Islam and the Authority of Hadith free essay sample

This paper discusses the Hadith in Islam and how this contemporary trend is slowly becoming more popular among different Muslim sects. This paper examines the role of Hadith, traditions about Muhammad, in Islam. It clarifies the reasons for the importance of such traditions to Sunni Muslims and looks at one of the most lively and potentially liberating trends in contemporary Islam, the complete rejection of the religious value of Hadith. The first problematic feature of hadith literature is precisely its casual, anecdotal nature. The hadith collections incorporate a large volume of material about the Prophet which varies from tales which are regarded even by most modern secular historians as almost certainly authentic down to those which are regarded as highly improbable. Although Islamic scholars soon developed a science of hadith (riwayat) which seems admirable in comparison to the speculativeness which surrounds debate about the authenticity of traditions concerning Christ, the fact remains that the extant hadith collections date from a period as late as about a quarter of a millennium after Muhammed allegedly died. We will write a custom essay sample on Islam and the Authority of Hadith or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page (I say allegedly because it is from the hadith literature itself that the Prophets life dates are determined.)